Under The Boardwalk…

Atlantic City Laughing Pixlr EditedAtlantic City toes dip close up-pixlr editedAtlantic City Close Up-Pixlr EditedAtlantic City Walking Away -Pixlr editedAtlantic City-Tiff writing in sand -pixlr editedAtlantic City-Sand writing -pixlr editedAtlantic City-Shoe in sand- Pixlr Edited

“On a blanket with my baby, is where I’ll be…” While I love that old song by The Drifters, it really should say “at a blackjack table with my baby, is  where I’ll be.”  Every year, we get a crew together on Easter weekend, and hit up Atlantic City. My blackjack finger was getting itchy, and I was ready to hit the tables, but not before spending some time under the boardwalk, snapping some photos. It was a gorgeous day, and I definitely needed a bit of calm before the gambling storm. The events that ensued after this serene beach stroll, were reality show worthy. Needless to say, our wallets were definitely lighter on the way home today. I guess I should have taken advice from my main man, Kenny Rogers. “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.”

Vest: True Religion (sold out, but similar here -ON SALE!!) / Crop Top : Nordstrom / Croppeed Ponte Pants: Piperlime / Neon Flats: Gap (Sold out, very similar here) / Gold Hoops: ASOS / Necklace: Baublebar (sold out, similar here) / Sunglasses: Burberry Epaulette


Derby Flirty

Screenshot 2014-04-18 at 10.44.37 AM

Can I be honest? I love a good Derby outfit. I am so into the elegance and structure to the whole thing. I have never been to the Derby, however it is definitely on my to do list. Kentucky Derby parties are very popular, and if you find yourself wondering what to wear, look no further. For starters, I really love the online boutique, The Shabby Apple . The Shabby Apple site is basically like the set of Mad Men, and is perfect for Derby Day. The price points are also pretty reasonable, and the pieces are so classic, you can wear them over and over again. The best part of a good Derby outfit is obviously the hats. The hat pretty much makes or breaks your outfit. Nordstrom has some great options this year, suitable for any budget. You are almost ready. Throw on your best pearls, and a strappy heel, and you are ready to drink Mint Juleps, and bet on your favorite pony.

White Dress: Shabby Apple  / Striped Dress: Kate Spade  / Peach Dress: Ted Baker 

Hats: Check out Nordstrom for all hat selections above!


Wearing Many Hats


How fitting is that old saying for today? I honestly feel like I’m wearing  many hats as of late, with the blog, and my full time job. I now need to start prepping my bridesmaid hat that I will be wearing in just a few short weeks in Florida! These are all exciting things, however again I must remind myself to slow down. What better way to slow down than in a baseball hat, and distressed denim? This outfit is for ultra chill mode, which is exactly where I need to be this weekend. This is also the last and final look from my amazing shoot with Alexandra Gibbs! I never thought I would rock a baseball cap, as it really never used to be my style, however in this case, an impulse buy actually worked out!  Links to shop are below, as well as a long overdue playlist in honor of Coachella, since I was unable to be there this weekend. (At least I can pretend)

Shirt: J. Crew Vintage Cotton Tee / Denim: Rag & Bone Destroyed Skinny / Hat: J. Crew Colorblock / Shoes: Enzo Angelini (sold out, similiar here) / Baubles: Kate Spade (not available, many choices here)



White Noise



Happy Friday! I am finally back from my travels,  and working strategically from my couch today. I feel like there are a million things to do this morning, however I am very excited to share my second look from my shoot with Alexandra Gibbs! I remember walking through the lobby of my apartment building going to meet her, and feeling like I stuck out like a sore thumb in the brightest of all outfits. For the ultimate klutz like me, this outfit screams “spill something on me, please.” I can’t help it, I love a white outfit, and cannot wait to rock this again. My first thought was that I should definitely have a white party, Diddy style. Can you picture that? It would actually be so awesome if I rolled up to this, wearing this white outfit! So we have established a white party needs to happen, and there needs to be a steady playlist of Ma$e, Diddy, and Biggie. Shoot, I’d better go plan this thing then. Later.

Coat: Burberry White Trench / Tee: J.Crew Vintage Cotton Jersey/ Denim: H&M Skinny Jeans / Shoes: Zara Leather Block Sandals / Baubles: Tiffany & Co. Mesh Bracelet (not available, similar here) / Silver Cuff (not available, similar here) / Crossbody bag: Vintage piece from thrift store (Nordstrom has a great selection too!) / Sunglasses: Burberry Cat Eye Spark 



Gust of Wind


And a gust of wind these last few weeks have been…..

Are we really into April already? Work has been keeping me extremely busy as of late, and I am enjoying my third Starbucks at the moment battling serious jet lag. I am in London on business, and it is always remarkable, yet exhausting. This photo shoot was no different, as I teamed up with an amazing photographer local to NYC. I found Alexandra through the blogging circuit, and decided to give my husband a break from the photo assistant game. After all, I am quite sure he is sick of me shouting orders at him, diva style. It was an incredibly beautiful, yet windy day as you can probably tell. I found myself thinking how poetic it was, as lately life for this girl has been like a gust of wind. I cannot seem to catch my breath these days, yet I am loving every minute of it. It is so cool to finally find a true passion and just going for it. I encourage all of you guys to do what you love–it is game changing.  (Shop my post below!)

Skirt: ASOS Closet Full Skater Skirt / Crop Top: Tildon French Terry Crop Top / Shoes: Jimmy Choo Mystic / Baubles: Baublebar Freshly Minted Set (Sold out, but one of the bracelets found here)





Photography by Alexandra Gibbs

“I Believe I Can Fly..”

I know that it was far too easy to quote R. Kelly, but I had to do it. My bad. By the time you are reading this, I am  35,000 feet in the air en route to        Edinburgh & London for business. While it is exciting, and always an adventure, traveling can be so exhausting. I am not gonna lie, I would  absolutely love to be enjoying my Sunday bagel and coffee with the husband right about now. Alas, here we are jet setting like a boss. I know I have  touched on how to travel chic. This post takes it a step further. These are all of my “can’t live without” items and inspo for the next time you find  yourself on a long flight.  (Hover over the picture to get the deets.) Stick with me, and you will have a strangle hold on this whole travel thing.

Oh, and by the way…if you happen to get stuck at the airport, don’t forget to pop on my “Layover Luxe” playlist on Songza. I mean..as if you don’t already have it memorized. (sarcasm)

Keep your eyes glued to Instagram and Twitter this week, as I will be coming at ya live from Edinburgh and London Town. Peace.

5 Days of Flats

Black Flats-J Crew Bag-PIXLR

Monday: Nine West Aubree Flats / Mood: Motivated chic /  Song:” Picasso Baby

Yellow Perf Flats New- PIXLR

Tuesday: Gap Neon Perforated Flats (Sold out, similar here) / Mood: Confident / Song: “Do My Thing

Pink loafers-PIXLR

Wednesday: Steve Madden (not available, similar here) / Mood: Chillin/ Song:  “Pusher Love Girl”

Shoe pic

Thursday: Keds (sold out, but so many fun choices here)/ Mood: Dancin’ in the street / Song: “Too Deep”

tan flats-PIXLR NEW

Friday: J. Crew (sold out, similar here)/ Mood: Energized / Song: “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”


We are finally moving towards spring here in NYC! I ditched the boots this week, and this was the first full week I was able to bust out some of my all time fave flats. (Mixed in a new pair also).  I took it a step further, and added an appropriate jam to each day for how I was feeling–in my flats obvi. I spent the week taking candid shots of my walk to work and what I was jamming to. What are your go to flats for spring? Tell me! Ciao for now!

The Devil Wears Too Much Prada-Spring Scents

Happy Hump day, y’all! I was recently taking an inventory of my spring scents, and decided while these 6 are kind of like The Fab Five, (NKOTB) + Justin Timberlake–I could probably add a new player to the mix. Scroll through these bad boys, and hover over the photo to get a little play by play. I would love some suggestions on what I should add to the mix for this spring. Smell ya later, dudes.

PS-You can also shop these scents by clicking on the image.  I am enabling you to shop. You’re welcome.

“I’m Only Happy When It Rains…”

Screenshot 2014-03-30 at 2.58.28 PM

I love the old saying, “you have to put up with a little rain, to get the rainbow.”  In this case, I believe you can have both at the same time.  Spring may bring rain after the insane winter we have had on the east coast, however with colorful gear like this..bring it.  This weekend my parents and brother were in NYC from Ohio, and unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate. We found ourselves seeking refuge at local watering holes for a big part of the weekend. I decided to take an inventory of my rain gear situation to make sure I am up to par for the spring. I pretty much have a strangle hold on trench coats at the moment, however much like shoes, you cannot have too many coats when you live in NYC. I am looking forward to hearing how y’all are gettin’ by this spring. How do you survive the elements in style? Do me a favor, check the playlist out below, (some of my favorite rainy day & indoor tracks.) and get cracking on shopping the gear shown above. I also have found that Nordstrom  has some great trench options for any budget. I bid you adieu.

Green Trench Coat: BCBG Generation // Gray Trench Coat: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen// Honey Trench Coat: Burberry (style not available, but similar here.)// Denim Trench Coat: Acne Studios  // Boots: Hunter (variety of colors)// Umbrella: ModCloth

Shop the post here!