Vacation Withdrawal


Swiss Alps 5


Maldives 5

Beach Huts in Muizenberg

After getting back from my Costa Rica trip, something I have been thinking a lot about has been traveling more. I do a fair amount of travel for work, and have had some fantastic opportunities there, however there is so much more I want to explore. I have rounded up my top 5 places I want to visit. A few I have actually been to already, but am dying to go back to different parts. I realize I am in the fashion and music blogging business, but traveling has really been the piece that has been changing me lately. I recently read on my Facebook news feed that spending money on travel, is just as valuable as spending money on education. In my mind travel and education are the same thing. Needless to say, you can expect a bit more travel pieces on the blog from now on……

From top to bottom:

Greece/ Swiss Alps/ Japan/ Maldives/ Cape Town

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Beach Bum Playlist

Costa Rica

In t-minus 48 hours I will be on a beach in Costa Rica, and my worries will be back in NYC with the “spring” temps. I full on plan to go off the grid for the next 6 days, however I will definitely post a few instagrams to keep y’all abreast of my whereabouts. I will give everyone a full report of my travels when I return! In the meantime, check out my latest installment of jams that will put anyone in beach mode. Keep your eyes glued to social media, as my attempt to go as off the grid as possible commences!

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Dream Closets

Dream Closet 1

Today was the first “nice” day in NYC in awhile. (Please understand that when I say nice day, I really mean the first day your face doesn’t look windburned and puffy from the cold.) This balmy 40 degree weather got me thinking about spring cleaning. I take a look into my tiny closet everyday, and cringe at the thought of doing my annual purge. For some reason, getting rid of clothes gives me anxiety. As I am throwing things into garbage bags, I start to think -“wait, maybe I will wear this hideous dress with the button missing and wine stains.” As I started shoving countless items into the bags, I also felt a sense of accomplishment. Each year, I feel like my style changes ever so slightly, yet I am still remaining true to myself. Cleaning out the ‘ol closet is a fresh start, and a chance to give your style a little bit of a face lift. I then got very ambitious and decided to look at my dream closets on Pinterest. I keep telling myself that one day I will have a Carrie Bradshaw type closet, and all this purging will be so much easier.

For all of y’all who are dreading the spring cleaning syndrome, I have one thing to say- bite the bullet and just do it already. I recommend doing it in small chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. I started by just getting rid of things, and that was phase one. Listen, if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months- 1 year, then ditch it. It will feel a little painful at times, but your closet will thank you. If you need me to coach you through it, all I can offer is this song.

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After awhile, you get sick of just wearing the same coats over and over again, right? I feel so different about this vintage shearling number from Burberry. I am, however, sick of wearing coats..period. I have been trying to find ways to spice up the ‘ol outerwear rut I have been in, and so I turn to Baublebar. Adding a little statement jewelry to your otherwise same old outerwear routine is a great way to add some flair to the cold armor that everyone is wearing these days. I spent this day on the Highline wishing it was legal to build a fire in public. I am no arsonist, so I just sucked it up.

Coat: N/A similar here / Chambray: Madewell / Denim: JBrand / Shoes: N/A similar here / Baubles: Baublebar / Gloves: N/A similar here / Hat: N/A similar here



What can I say about capes? I bought this cape on a whim at Topshop. I was decompressing after a long work week, and decided to seek refuge at the Topshop on 5th Ave. You know how they say don’t grocery shop when you are hungry? Well, don’t shop when you are cold either. I wound up walking around Topshop with this cape draped around me. 30 minutes later, it was clear this thing was going home with me.  This cape really came in handy the next day while shooting in Meatpacking. Ever since then, my trusty cape has not left my side. #Batman.

Key takeaways from today: Buy a cape.

Shop this look and other capes below!

Cape: Topshop / Turtleneck: N/A Similiar Here / Denim: JBrand / Booties: N/A Similar Here / Bag: Topshop


 Photography by Alexandra Gibbs

Be Mine

Val Day

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live a day without you.”

Winnie the Pooh knows what’s up.

I will make this short and sweet. Whether you are spending this day single, or with a loved one, or maybe you are standing outside someone’s window John Cusak style, circa “Say Anything.”  I love you guys. Thanks for reading this thing. Now do me a favor and check out my fave V-Day swag, as well as a playlist. This playlist is many of my favorite love songs, and I cap it off with my wedding song at the end. #sorryimnotsorry

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Winter Face


Victor Hugo said “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”  Well let me tell you, I needed all the laughter I could get this weekend shooting with my homegirl. We were literally in tears in between photos, but it is these memories, that will actually make a major impression on my mind and heart. I highly doubt I will ever forget the disbelieving looks from the bundled up New Yorkers as I took off my coat and gloves to shoot in the middle of Washington Street. If I can accomplish this, I am ready for anything. #beautyispain

Vest: Not Available, Similar Here / Plaid Shirt: Rails / Denim: JBrand / Shoes: Nike Free 5.0 / Beanie: Not Available, Similar Here / Cuff: Baublebar




Let Me Clear My Throat

If you are like me, there are two pieces that make working out fun and desirable: great music, and workout gear. I was in the gym the other day, and I was ready to say eff it and go upstairs and eat tacos when the old classic ‘Let Me Clear My Throat” came on. I was suddenly the most motivated girl on the entire planet. I had the music piece down, now I needed new workout gear. I rounded up some great items to help me get my mojo back. Nordstrom has some great options, and many are on sale!  Hover over the image, and click on it to go directly to the site!

My Blogging Resolutions

Blogging Resolutions

This past weekend I was at dinner with a few friends, and one of them asked that we go around and speak about resolutions. I announced that I don’t really have any, as I feel like I never stick to them. In fact, sometimes I think resolutions are a jinx, and that in fact you will break all of them post January.

I started thinking more about this today, and I realize that I do have some resolutions that perhaps I need to make, for my own sanity, however these resolutions are very specific–they are blogging resolutions. I have developed some behaviors since I have been blogging that honestly, I need to shake. There are also some things I really need to remind myself, so maybe not resolutions, but just..well..reminders. I love the quote from “A League of Their Own”, because this is so directly related to my life. I need to remind myself of this quote every single day, because it couldn’t be more true.

So without further ado…I give you my blogging resolutions.

1. Stop comparing myself to other bloggers. I do this all of the time, and it drives me insane.

2. Be more consistent. I was doing this for awhile, until I wasn’t.

3. Get more organized. I am a hot mess right now. :)

4. Learn more about my camera. I need to do this for my hubby’s sake, as he takes a lot of my photos.

5. Keep putting myself out there. I have made a few blogger buds, however I live in a HUGE blogging city. There is always more I can be doing.

6. Don’t think too much. This always ruins me–some of my best content comes to me on the fly.

7. Be proud of what I have accomplished.  This goes back to #1 –I am never satisfied, which is a good and bad thing.

8. Appreciate my wardrobe, and really use it. I feel like I get bored with my clothing too easily, and then I am not really using what I have.

And lastly….

9. Remember that the hard is what makes it great.

Sweater Weather

It is that time of year in NYC where most people would rather die than leave the four walls of their apartment than go out. My Seamless account has been getting a lot of love these past few weeks. This is also the time of year I find myself in a rut. A clothing rut, a makeup rut, and a hair rut. I veto everything in my closet because it isn’t warm enough, or just generally hideous. (C’mon, I know I am not the only one here). Needless to say, here I am rounding up my fave chunky sweaters that I am coveting at the moment. I find myself never having enough sweaters. These babies need to get in my closet immediately. Side note- please be patient with me over the next few weeks. Shooting blog photos in sub zero temps has been challenging. I am working on it. That is all. :)

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